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If you're thinking about   -   purchasing a center   

Rc Consulting Partners can help make a big project easier, safer and more profitable.  We can help you determine and negotiate the price, analyze your options - financing, tax considerations, help you package the acquisition.  We can guide you through the actual steps of the complete  process, as much or as little as you like.

If you've thought about buying a center

    We can  determine a value that all factors support.   We can help with an operating plan and the due diligence to back up a price you can take to your bank.

    The numbers only tell a part of the story.  The numbers may tell you about the current state and
    history of the business.  But, you are buying the future, and the
    future viability of the business is dependent on a number of things more important than past numbers. You need to understand the factors that will determine you success.

    When you know what to expect, you'll be in a better position in a deal where everyone wants your money.  We can answer your questions.

    We can help you spot ways to generate more profits once the acquisition is complete.  In places like, fast and cost effective improvements, menu costing, data base development, and others.

    RC consulting partners can help you, your lawyer and your accountant conduct the entire process.  

    Our services are available one step at a timeWe offer the help you want when you want it, simply and affordably.

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